What’s happening with Morning Light?

In a world flooded with conflict, it seems like we’re constantly surrounded with reasons for negativity. We sometimes find ourselves asking: can anyone make a difference? Morning Light is a spiritual mystery with a unique labyrinth of intersecting stories that reminds us a single act of kindness can change the course of a life.

Though the film has yet to be released publicly, diverse focus groups across the country have celebrated Morning Light’s overwhelming impact on their lives. As one brave reviewer said:

“I cried at the part where [Charlene] was going to kill herself…I’ve thought about suicide myself. I feel that this movie has made me strong and look forward to the future. I now know that life moves on and every day is a new day.”

At first conceived as a short film, it became apparent to the team that Morning Light could easily be adapted into a TV series – even expanded into a feature film or trilogy. With that in mind, we are currently presenting the “pilot” to agents and even networks as well as discussing the possibility of adapting Morning Light into a full-length feature film and more.

During the making of Morning Light, we have invested our hearts, souls, and all of our financial resources into this project because we see the enormous benefits of bringing the film’s life changing message to the world. Along the way, many others have joined our cause too – donating time, money and/or resources. Without their support and belief, none of this would have been possible. They will always have our deepest gratitude.

But this is far from the end. You can take part in this journey too!

Here’s how:

The first option is for you to spread the word like wild fire. “Like” Morning Light, LLC on Facebook, like the YouTube videos, and share it on all social media platforms. You can also contact your favorite television networks and all major talent agencies. Tell them you want to see this show on the air.

The second option is to start the process of independently producing Morning Light as a feature length film or a mini series. First step would be to acquire funds to attain a lawyer so that we can legally seek investors.

Either way we need your prayers and support. We are in the need of recouping expenses before moving forward with this project. A donation of any amount would be greatly appreciated. When you make a donation of $20 or more, you will receive a private link to the full-length pilot episode of Morning Light.

UPDATE: Morning Light is currently available on YouTube. Also another route has developed for the project. We are looking for distribution for the piece in its current state as a stand alone Short Film. The exact future for Morning Light isn’t clear at this point but each possible outcome is bright. Any events to transpire will be worth rejoicing over. For God’s hand as been in this production from the beginning. “Always Be Joyful. Never Stop Praying.” 1 Thessalonians 5:16,17

Thank you for your support and welcome to the team!


Scott-Arthur Allen

Elizabeth Allen

Kelsey David Shryer